Frequent questions

Is my room available only once ?
No, your room is available at any time for a 20 days period from the day of its creation. The reason why we do this is not to leave an active room with contacts you don't want to have anymore.
Can we use LinKello on a cellphone ?
Yes, you can access Linkello from mobiles or tablets just using a browser. You will have to use Safari 11 on your iOS device or Chrome/Firefox from your Android devices
Is it necessary to configure my firewall ?
If you are using your personal computer, you should not have to change your firewall settings. Yet, if a warning message appears, click on Authorise. If you use LinKello in a company, you may have to open a port. Ask your CIO to make the requested modifications.
I cannot manage to share my screen during my calls on LinKello, how to share the screen then ?
In order to share your screen on LinKello, you need to download an extension. To do it, click on the "screen sharing" button, you will see a message on your screen. Click on "authorize" to allow the extension installation. As soon as the extension has been set up, click on the "screen sharing" button again and share your screen on LinKello. Note: only one screen-sharing is possible at a time for a given room. You must stop the current screen-sharing before another participant could start a new one on his side.
Can I have several videochat rooms ?
Yes, you can create rooms as much as you wish. Each room is active for 20 days.
With which browsers does LinKello run ?
With Chrome 33+, Firefox 25+, Edge 40+, Safari 11+ and Opera 15+ even with your mobiles ! Using LinKello with those browsers does not require nothing to do.
I don't received the email containing the link
First check the Spam folder of your email; if you find it, declare it as valid email.
For any other questions, feel free to contact us.